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Menarini Silicon Biosystems to Debut VRNxT Technology at 25th Annual Meeting of the Association for Molecular Pathology

Automated volume reduction instrument increases precision and accuracy in rare cell workflows

Bologna, Italy and Huntingdon Valley, Pa. -- Menarini Silicon Biosystems, the pioneer of liquid biopsy and rare cell technologies, will debut the new VRNxT™ volume reduction instrument at the upcoming meeting of the Association for Molecular Pathology (AMP) in Baltimore, November 7-9, 2019. Attendees can view the sample preparation instrument, which automates the volume reduction steps in cellular biology workflows, at Booth #2425.

By standardizing sample volume reduction, the VRNxT adds precision and accuracy to rare-cell and single-cell analysis, minimizing the loss of precious samples and increasing workflow throughput. While the VRNxT has been developed to standardize the DEPArray workflow*, broader applications in volume reduction are possible.

“The VRNxT was created in direct response to customer feedback to help streamline, automate and standardize rare cell analysis workflows,” said Menarini Silicon Biosystems CEO, Fabio Piazzalunga. “We’re excited not only to introduce this game-changing technology in person for the first time, but also to do so at AMP, the premier event for the molecular diagnostics community.”

The VRNxT automated volume reduction instrument removes manual pipetting steps, reducing hands-on time up to 90% and eliminating operator variability. No specific skill sets or training are required for operation, thereby delivering user-independent results with high reproducibility and success, with 99% of single cells retained after volume reduction.

“The instrument helped us to reduce our error rate and processing time,” said Matija Snuderl, M.D., Department of Pathology Director, Molecular Pathology NYU Langone Health, who tested the new instrument in his laboratory. “We handle rare cell types isolated from FFPE specimens. With the VRNxT, we were able to lower the chance of error in the volume reduction step, which is especially important when single-cell samples are collected, and decrease the time required to process these samples.” 

The VRNxT uses rotational motion for sample volume reduction and can process up to four samples at once, decreasing the time required for sample preparation and consistently reducing sample volume to approximately 12.5 μL in 25 seconds and approximately 2 μL in about eight seconds.

For more information, visit www.siliconbiosystems.com.

About Menarini Silicon Biosystems

Menarini Silicon Biosystems offers unique rare cell technologies and solutions that provide clinical researchers with access to unparalleled resolution in the study of cells and their molecular characterization. Our DEPArray™ System is the only image-based sorting and isolation platform that combines microfluidics with microelectronics and microscopy to isolate and manipulate individual rare cells with 100% precision. CELLSEARCH® and DEPArray™ technologies together provide an end-to-end solution for enumeration and sorting of rare cells with single-cell precision.

Menarini Silicon Biosystems, based in Bologna, Italy, and Huntingdon Valley, PA, US, is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Menarini Group, a multinational pharmaceutical, biotechnology and diagnostics company headquartered in Florence, Italy, with more than 17,000 employees in 136 countries.

*The workflow described is for research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures. The performance characteristics, safety, and effectiveness of the workflow have not been established and are not cleared or approved by the FDA.

Topics: Liquid biopsy, Precision Medicine, rare cells, volume reduction, VRNxT