Press Releases

Menarini Silicon Biosystems announces new DEPArray™ PLUS application to identify mutations in FFPE tissue samples with low tumor cellularity

Menarini Silicon Biosystems Announces study results to be presented at American Society of Hematology (ASH) Annual Meeting

New CELLSEARCH® Circulating Multiple Myeloma Test now available to help community physicians optimize patient care

Menarini’s CELLSEARCH® Circulating Endothelial Cells assay to monitor systemic sclerosis in clinical research studies: new data presented at the 2021 EULAR Congress

Menarini Silicon Biosystems launches new breakthrough DEPArray™ PLUS image-based cell sorter to isolate rare cells with single cell precision

Menarini Silicon Biosystems launches CELLSEARCH® Circulating Multiple Myeloma Cells Assay, a new non-invasive test to monitor disease status in clinical research studies

Menarini Silicon Biosystems announces launch of CellMag™ product line offering affordable Gold Standard Circulating Tumor Cells capture

DETECT program studies validate clinical relevance of CTC HER2 phenotypes in metastatic breast cancer patients with HER2 negative primary tumor

New Global Pooled Analysis Supports Clinical Utility of Circulating Tumor Cell Count for Early Monitoring of Metastatic Breast Cancer

New Research Study Supports Clinical Utility of Circulating Tumor Cell Count for Metastatic Breast Cancer

Two Studies Presented at AACR Meeting Deepen Understanding Of Cancer Mechanisms

Menarini Silicon Biosystems Partners with OpGen to Broaden Distribution of CELLSEARCH Platform in North America

Menarini Silicon Biosystems Begins Distribution of Rapid COVID-19 Antibody Test in North America

New ASCO Studies Offer Evidence for Use of Circulating Tumor Cells as a Prognostic Biomarker for Advanced Prostate and Breast Cancer

Menarini Silicon Biosystems Explores New Application for Circulating Endothelial Cells in COVID-19

Menarini Silicon Biosystems to Announce New Solutions for Advancing Liquid Biopsy

New Menarini CELLSEARCH Studies to be Presented at San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium

Menarini Silicon Biosystems to Debut VRNxT Technology at 25th Annual Meeting of the Association for Molecular Pathology

Menarini Silicon Biosystems to Host ESMO Symposium on Clinical Importance of Circulating Tumor Cells

Menarini Silicon Biosystems Launches the MSBiosuite Bioinformatic Platform, Partners with BlueBee

Menarini Silicon Biosystems Launches VRNxT Volume Reduction Instrument

Menarini Silicon Biosystems Introduces Use of DEPArray System for Challenging Flow Cytometry Applications at CYTO Congress

CellSearch Studies at ASCO Show Potential Predictive Role for Circulating Tumor Cells in Metastatic Breast Cancer

New CellSearch Data To Be Presented at AACR Deepens Understanding of Metastatic Breast Cancer

Menarini Silicon Biosystems Develops New Assay Workflow for Circulating Multiple Myeloma Cells

New Studies Using CELLSEARCH Circulating Tumor Cell Test to be Featured at San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium

Single-Cell Genomic Analysis of Blood Cancers to be Highlighted at American Society of Hematology Meeting

Circulating Tumor Cells to Help Stage Metastatic Breast Cancer, New Research To Be Featured at ASCO Annual Meeting

Menarini Hires Their 17,000th Employee

A robust method to study cancer heterogeneity in liquid biopsy

Top International Experts Gather to Understand the Many Faces of Cancer

Menarini-Silicon Biosystems Completes Acquisition of CELLSEARCH® Assets

Menarini-Silicon Biosystems to Acquire CELLSEARCH® CTC System

DEPArray™ Single-Cell Isolation Technology Enables Researchers to Develop a Model for Predicting Response to Treatment in Patients with Lung Cancer

Cancer Researchers Gather in Bologna for Menarini-Silicon Biosystem’s DEPArray™ User Meeting to Unravel the Secrets of Cancer

Menarini-Silicon Biosystems and Swift Biosciences Announce Collaboration to Offer Customized NGS Technologies for Tumor Cell Analysis

Menarini-Silicon Biosystems Unveils DEPArray™ NxT Digital Cell-Sorting System at the AACR Annual Meeting

Macrogen and Silicon Biosystems Menarini to Co-Develop CLIA-Certified Genomic Cancer Assays

Innovative Cell-Isolation System Points to New Model of Clinical Biopsy for Precise Characterization, Diagnosis and Treatment of Tumors

Silicon Biosystems Menarini, Swift Biosciences Announce Collaboration and Co-Marketing Partnership to Unlock Genomic Information from FFPE Samples

Menarini and Meyer; United In The Search For Rare Cells

Silicon Biosystems, Syracuse University Form Forensic Tech Alliance

Silicon Biosystems AwardedNIH Contract for Acquisition of DEPArray™ Technology to Study MolecularHeterogeneity

Silicon Biosystems DEPArray™ technology offers a revolutionary approach to understanding complex cancer genomics in FFPE samples.


Silicon Biosystems Wins New Product Innovation Award

Silicon Biosystems Acquired by Menarini Group

Silicon Biosystems Receives Leonardo Start-Up Prize

Silicon Biosystems Opens San Diego Laboratory to Support U.S. Expansion

Silicon Biosystems to Present at J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference

Silicon Biosystems Announces Sale to Baylor College of Medicine

Silicon Biosystems Announces Agreement with Fox Chase Cancer Center

Silicon Biosystems Forms U.S. Subsidiary