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Data Analysis solution for MSB workflows

MSBiosuite is a cloud-based platform accessible through a web-based interface for the automated analysis of data generated by the sequencing of libraries obtained with Ampli1™ LowPass Kit, Ampli1™ OncoSeek Panel and DEPArray™ OncoSeek Panel.

MSBiosuite manages your entire workflow from uploading of raw data, data processing, to the downloading of results directly onto your computer and does not require any bioinformatic skill. 

The MSBiosuite is only available in Europe.

Available Data Analysis Pipelines

Ampli1™ LowPass Pipeline

The tailored analysis pipeline automates analysis of raw data obtained from the sequencing of DNA libraries produced with Ampli1 LowPass kits (for Illumina and Ion Torrent) and allows simultaneous analysis of multiple single-cell data and generation of copy number aberration profiles.

Samples of interest can be easily selected for visual comparison of multiple copy number profiles. An interactive searchable and zoomable view allows browsing specific genomic region of interest.

Fig 1 Schermata


A hierarchical clustering of the samples is also provided to help investigating the relationships between samples and study tumor heterogeneity.

Fig.2 Schermata


Ampli1™ and DEPArray OncoSeek Pipelines 

The tailored analysis pipelines automate analysis of raw data produced from the sequencing of DNA libraries produced with Ampli1 OncoSeek Panel and DEPArray OncoSeek Panel and guarantees highly confident variant calling and focal copy number amplifications in selected target genes. 

The list of putative somatic variants with basic annotation are ranked by relevance and the allelic frequencies of each variant and basic annotation are also provided.




The copy number amplifications section is available both in text format and as a barchart and displays the copy number amplifications in 19 target genes.


Fig. 4 (interno schermata)


Bridge the gap between your raw NGS data and consolidated results



  • Easy raw data uploading and analysis results downloading;
  • Automatic data processing and downloading of the results;
  • Highly confident variant calling and generation of copy number profiles.


  • No specific bioinformatics or IT skills required;
  • Possibility to browse results through an  intuitive graphical interface;
  • Remote support always available.

  • Two-factor authentication to ensure the highest-level of confidentiality;
  • Data encryption in transit (TLS) and at rest (AES 256/128);
  • The platform is installed on a high-availability private cloud infrastructure in ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified facilities.
  • GDPR and HIPAA compliant

  • Global data center deploymentData Res
  • Processing and storage of genomics data and metadata are guaranteed to be in the users’ region 

Two level of Reporting Available for the OncoSeek pipelines

icon_pag3_Tavola disegno 1 copia 10Analytical Report with basic annotation of variant calling

icon_pag3_Tavola disegno 1 copia 11Clinical interpretation report with advanced annotation

Clinical Interpretation Report 

For OncoSeek pipelines, optional advanced annotation is available on demand.

Clinically relevant variants are classified by levels of known significance and layers of diagnostic, prognostic, therapeutic and biomarker evidence are integrated. The service also incorporates deep scientific and clinical analysis of each patient’s molecular data, to identify and prioritize the best clinical trial options.

The software is for research use only (RUO) and is not intended for use in a clinical setting and diagnostic procedures. Usage of the software signifies your acceptance of the Terms & Conditions for MSBiosuite Users.