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Research Lab Service

Discover how DEPArray™ PLUS can make a difference using your own samples

Menarini Silicon Biosystems’ DEPArray™ PLUS is the only automated system that can select, isolate, and recover rare cells, including individual single cells or pools of homogenous cells, with 100% purity amenable to state-of-the-art downstream molecular analysis. 

Today, through our Research Lab Service, investigators can leverage the benefits of our technology and scientific expertise using their own samples and get back results and data generated with our workflows.  



If working with liquid biopsy:

DEPArray™ allows investigators to interrogate circulating tumor cell (CTC) heterogeneity by enabling isolation of pure rare (single) cells following enrichment. Genome amplification of the isolated cells can be obtained with our Ampli1 WGA kit, which is optimized to deliver balanced and complete amplification of total DNA content contained in a single cell. The Ampli1 WGA products are suitable for Next Generation Sequencing assays to detect Copy Number Aberrations.

If working with FFPE tissue:


The DEPArray™ FFPE application allows the resolution of tumor tissue heterogeneity from FFPE specimens by separating pure tumor and stromal cell subpopulations for a more accurate molecular characterization.

Our services are all performed by expert in-house R&D scientists working in our state of the art facility at Menarini Silicon Biosystems Headquarters in Bologna, Italy and Huntingdon Valley, PA.

How the service works

  1. Our Clients send us samples according to guidelines provided at the time of project evaluation.

  2. The samples are then processed for single and/or pooled cell recovery. Genomic DNA generated following cell lysis or whole genomic amplification can be shipped back to customer.

  3. Post recovery molecular analysis tests (NGS) are also available and may be performed upon request at our service lab.

Benefits of Menarini Silicon Biosystems' Research Lab Service

  • Add formidable precision to your molecular investigation.
  • Access to DEPArray PLUS: the only technology that can deliver 100% pure, single and/or pooled cells.
  • Recovery of 100% pure cells with digital precision from your heterogeneous sample: rare CTCs from liquid biopsy; cancer and stromal cells from FFPE tissues.
  • Conduct downstream NGS molecular analysis of pure cells.
  • Leverage Menarini Silicon Biosystems’ unique Ampli1™ WGA technology to obtain balanced amplification of genomic DNA from single cells.


Take advantage of Menarini Silicon Biosystems Team’s unparalleled skills in performing single cell isolation and analysis, and recovery of pure subpopulations of cells from complex tissues.

Standard samples accepted

For questions concerning other sample types or services not listed above, please contact us! We are always available and will work with you in determining the best strategy for your studies.    


Liquid Biopsy - Isolation & Recovery of Cells

DEPArray PLUS isolation of both single and pooled cells, from CELLSEARCH® enriched samples.

  • Up to 96 single cell recoveries;
  • Up to 48 recoveries of pools from 2 to 20 cells;
  • Up to 16 recoveries of pools from 21 to 85 cells.

Whole Genome Amplification

Analysis of FFPE Samples

Analysis of FFPE tissue samples from solid tumor of epithelial origin.

  • Sample preparation using DEPArray FFPE SamplePrep Kit;
  • Quality control of FFPE sample using DEPArray FFPE QC Kit;
  • Sorting and isolation of up to 2 recoveries of 300 pure-cell pools; 
  • Recovered cells can be delivered as lysates (DEPArray LysePrep Kit);
  • NGS analysis with the DEPArray OncoSeek Panel or low-pass WGS.

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