CellBrowser™ Software

User-defined selection criteria for maximum flexibility. Image-based selection for maximum confidence.

The DEPArray™ System’s CellBrowser™ software enables image-based selection and recovery of specific cells and cell populations in a sample. The fluorescence and bright field selection criteria are user-defined, allowing maximum flexibility for isolation of any rare cell type for which fluorescence markers are available.



Key features of CellBrowser™ software include:

  • Automatic collection of values such as peak and mean intensity, roundness, and diameter for each fluorescence channel
  • Multiple, user-defined filtering criteria to classify and select target cells
  • Various display options including scatter plots, histograms, and tables
  • Easily adjusted gating thresholds

Images of individual events can be viewed on an image bar, allowing cells of interest to be identified and flagged for recovery. Images in the bright field channel allow selection of morphologically distinct subsets of cells, while ensuring recovery of only intact, individual cells exhibiting the desired fluorescence patterns.