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Welcome to Menarini Silicon Biosystems

Our mission and passion is to advance healthcare and personalized medicine by creating technologies and products that help uncover the biological complexities of health and disease at the level of each single cell.

Our highest priority is to improve diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to human health by enabling detection and analysis of important but rare cells associated with disease, and to provide researchers and oncologists with access to unparalleled precision in molecular characterization.

Recognized by leading centers of excellence as the industry standard for delivering 100% pure cells, our DEPArray™ image-based cell-sorting and isolation technology en­ables clinical researchers to conduct molecular analyses with single-cell precision, opening the door to actionable insights toward understanding each tumor’s genetic profile.

In 2017 Menarini-Silicon Biosystems purchased all the assets and relevant business related to the CELLSEARCH® Circulating Tumor Cell (CTC) System.The integration of CELLSEARCH and DEPArray provides an end-to-end workflow solution for the enumeration, isolation, and molecular characterization of CTCs from a simple blood test in the clinical research setting. This will help drive the clinical utility and correlation of CTCs with the effectiveness of specific therapies.

The acquisition of the CELLSEARCH product line represents a major milestone that reinforces the company’s strategic direction toward being a leading provider of diagnostic products and services aimed at informing the most optimal therapeutic decisions for patients with cancer.

Menarini-Silicon Biosystems is a wholly owned and operated subsidiary of the Menarini Group, a multinational pharmaceutical, biotechnology and diagnostics company head­quartered in Florence, Italy. Menarini-Silicon Biosystems is based in Bologna, Italy, with U.S. headquarters in Huntington Valley, Pennsylvania. 


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