For many applications, the recovery of individual, viable rare cells or pure subpopulations of specific cells is critical for successful downstream analysis. 

Menarini Silicon Biosystems understands the challenges of isolating and working with single or rare cells and has developed products that make it practical for the molecular and cellular biology lab to achieve quality results, whatever the intended downstream application. 

Our innovative DEPArray™ platform and Ampli1™ genomic amplification kits enable automated identification, recovery and analysis of viable pure cells, allowing you to:

Input any sample type
Cells may be live or fixed, enriched, or from primary samples with small cell loads.

Recover any cell type
Any cells that can be identified using positive/negative selection of fluorescent markers or probes can be isolated on the DEPArray™ system. Morphological features, e.g. size or circularity, can be included in the cell selection criteria.

Analyze or culture recovered cells
Isolated cells remain intact and viable, enabling even the most sensitive and challenging downstream analyses to be performed, including mutational or transcriptional profiling.

The flexibility of the DEPArray™ system is enabling researchers around the world obtain results in a wide range of applications, including:

  • Analysis of single circulating tumor cells (CTCs) to characterize mutational heterogeneity, examine mechanisms of disease progression, and monitor drug response (CTCs Application);
  • Analysis of pure tumor and stromal cell populations from FFPE samples (FFPE Application);
  • Analysis of mixed biological evidence (Forensic Application).