Ampli1™ LowPass Kit

1™ LowPass Kit applications include the characterization and investigation of genomic heterogeneity and evolution in tumor cell populations such as individual circulating tumor cells (CTCs)

Ampli1 LowPass Kit is designed to generate multiplexed, sequencing-ready libraries in a streamlined single-day protocol, to detect chromosomal aneuploidies and copy number aberrations (CNAs) by low-pass whole genome sequencing.

Ampli1 LowPass Kit is compatible with Ion Torrent systems (Ion PGM™ and Ion S5™) and with Illumina® systems (MiSeq®, HiSeq® 1000/1500, 2000/2500, 3000/4000 and NovaSeq™ with NovaSeq 6000 Reagent Kits version 1.0).




The Ampli1 LowPass Kit works exclusively with Ampli1 WGA product. The complete workflow takes advantage of the isolation of 100% pure cells with the DEPArray system and balanced whole genome amplification using the Ampli1 WGA kit

Automated raw sequencing data analysis is now available through the MSBiosuite - Ampli1 LowPass pipeline. Performance of this method has been extensively validated by analyzing the Copy Number profiles of single CTCs and WBCs from cancer patients (see figure below for representative data). 



Low-pass Whole Genome Profile (chr 1-22) of single CTC (upper panel) and WBC (lower panel) isolated with DEPArray™ Technology from a patient with Lung Adenocarcinoma. Ploidy values are indicated in the y-axis; in the x-axis the alternation of different chromosomes are plotted with different colors. CNAs in the CTC are indicated in red and blue.


Ampli1 LowPass Kit for Ion Torrent -  Overview:


  • Two-step procedure that avoids the laborious fragmentation step and preparation of several enzyme reactions.
  • Up to 32 barcoded libraries suitable for both Ion Torrent NGS platforms: Ion PGM™ and Ion S5™.
  • Accurate characterization of CNA profiles of multiple single tumor cells per single run.
  • Fast results.


Ampli1 LowPass Kit for Illumina -  Overview:


  • Three-step procedure based on a novel, fragmentation-free and size selection-free method.
  • Single-tube prep method.
  • Up to  barcoded libraries suitable for Illumina MiSeq®, HiSeq® 1000/1500, 2000/2500, 3000/4000 and NovaSeq™ sequencing instruments.
  • Suitable for high-throughput liquid handling automation (Download the technical Bulletin from the Download box).



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The Ampli1 WGA Kit and Ampli1 LowPass Kits are for Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures. Ampli1 WGA Kits are protected by U.S. patent 6,673,541 and corresponding patent claims outside the United States.