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Macrogen and Silicon Biosystems Menarini to Co-Develop CLIA-Certified Genomic Cancer Assays

Collaboration Aims to Integrate Digital Sorting with Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) of Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded Biopsies and Fine-Needle Aspiration Samples

SAN DIEGO, Calif., and SEOUL, South Korea, February 12, 2016 — Silicon Biosys­tems Menarini and Macrogen, Inc. today announced they will form a partnership to provide clinical assays and innovative procedures for precision medicine in cancer.

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Innovative Cell-Isolation System Points to New Model of Clinical Biopsy for Precise Characterization, Diagnosis and Treatment of Tumors

Scientific Study Shows DEPArray™ Digital Technology Enables Unambiguous Genetic Analysis of Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded (FFPE) Admixtures of Tumor Cells

SAN DIEGO, 11th February, 2016  — Scientists from Silicon Biosystems Menarini today reported a groundbreaking cell-isolation method that opens the door to genetic analysis of previously preserved tumor sam­ples that until now have been impossible to isolate with 100 percent purity.

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Silicon Biosystems Menarini, Swift Biosciences Announce Collaboration and Co-Marketing Partnership to Unlock Genomic Information from FFPE Samples

ORLANDO, Fla., 10th February, 2016  — Silicon Biosystems Menarini Inc., a developer and manufac­turer of technologies and products that help uncover the biological complexities of disease at the single-cell level, and Swift Biosciences Inc., a developer of innovative technologies for genomics research, today announced a scientific collaboration and co-marketing partnership aimed at enabling translational researchers to obtain high-quality sequencing results from as few as a couple hundred tumor and normal cells in an optimized and seamless workflow.

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Menarini and Meyer; United In The Search For Rare Cells

FLORENCE, Italy, 20th October, 2015 –Today marks the day on which the Menarini Pharma­ceutical Group donated an innovative research instrument to Florence’s Meyer Children’s Hospital. The DEPArray™ System will allow the hospital’s pediatric oncology and neuro­science departments, headed by Claudio Favre and Renzo Guerrini, respectively, to conduct cutting-edge research. Each of their teams will be able to use the instrument to select and recover pure single cells, isolating them in several sample types such as blood, bone marrow, pleural fluid, and solid tissue biopsy.

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Silicon Biosystems, Syracuse University Form Forensic Tech Alliance

Forensic & National Security Sciences Institute to Apply DEPArray™ Technology for Complex Biological Evidence Analysis

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Silicon Biosystems AwardedNIH Contract for Acquisition of DEPArray™ Technology to Study MolecularHeterogeneity

National Cancer Institute Acquires DEPArray™ System for Studies Requiring Rare, Single-Cell Isolation

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Silicon Biosystems DEPArray™ technology offers a revolutionary approach to understanding complex cancer genomics in FFPE samples.

Silicon Biosystems, a Bologna (Italy) and San Diego (CA, USA) based biotech company that is part of the pharmaceutical Menarini Group, presented recent findings obtained with its breakthrough state-of-the-art DEPArray™ technology in the characterization of pure tumor cell subpopulations derived from formalin fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) tissue samples at the European Association of Cancer Research Meeting in Florence (June 20-23).

DEPArray™ technology resolves heterogeneity in solid tumors by digitally sorting 100% pure subpopulations of cells from FFPE samples, thus allowing differential analysis and characterization of tumor vs stromal cell populations resulting in unprecedented data in the subsequent Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) analysis. 



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Silicon Biosystems, Inc. announced the appointment of Farideh Bischoff, Ph.D. as Executive Director of Scientific Affairs. Dr. Bischoff has more than 20 years of experience in reproductive genetics and cancer research and diagnostics.  Prior to joining Silicon Biosystems, Dr. Bischoff served as Vice President of Translational Research and Clinical Development at Biocept, Inc. where she was responsible for overseeing clinical studies, assay development for commercialization and CLIA validation, and academic collaborations. At Silicon Biosystems she is expected to have responsibility for all scientific collaborations and helping to define and drive the clinical strategy for the company.

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Silicon Biosystems Wins New Product Innovation Award

Silicon Biosystems, S.p.A. announced that it has received the 2013 New Product Innovation Award for Global Single Cell Analysis Platform from Frost & Sullivan, a global growth consulting firm providing market research and analysis. This award, presented annually by Frost & Sullivan, recognizes a company that has created an innovative product with superior value-added features and benefits when benchmarked against competitors.

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Silicon Biosystems Acquired by Menarini Group

The Menarini Group, a privately held Italian pharmaceutical and diagnostics company, today announced it has acquired Silicon Biosystems, S.p.A. “The acquisition of Silicon Biosystems represents a unique opportunity for the Menarini Group to add an innovative high-tech company to our existing pharmaceutical and biotechnology programs in oncology,” said Lucia Aleotti, Chairman of the Menarini Group. “We are excited by the high potential of Silicon Biosystems’ technology, and the possibility we will have to dramatically impact patients’ lives.”

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