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Top International Experts Gather to Understand the Many Faces of Cancer

Second World Summit on Cancer Heterogeneity and Precision Medicine Meets in Washington

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Topics: FFPE, CTCs, Liquid biopsy, International experts, Menarini International Foundation, Precision Medicine, Cancer Heterogeneity, International conference


Menarini-Silicon Biosystems Completes Acquisition of CELLSEARCH® Assets

Liquid Biopsy Test for Circulating Tumor Cells Marks Its First Entry into U.S. Diagnostics Market

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Topics: CTCs, deparray, CELLSEARCH, acquisition, CTC test, Liquid biopsy


Menarini-Silicon Biosystems to Acquire CELLSEARCH® CTC System

Only FDA-Cleared CTC test to join Company’s Portfolio of Diagnostics

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Topics: CTCs, single-cell isolation, deparray, CELLSEARCH


DEPArray™ Single-Cell Isolation Technology Enables Researchers to Develop a Model for Predicting Response to Treatment in Patients with Lung Cancer

Genetic Profiles of Circulating Tumor Cells May Predict Drug Resistance and Clinical Outcomes

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Topics: CTCs, lung cancer, deparray, SCLC


Cancer Researchers Gather in Bologna for Menarini-Silicon Biosystem’s DEPArray™ User Meeting to Unravel the Secrets of Cancer

Single-Cell Isolation Technology Brings Vision of Personalized Cancer Treatment Closer to Reality

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Menarini-Silicon Biosystems and Swift Biosciences Announce Collaboration to Offer Customized NGS Technologies for Tumor Cell Analysis

Products Optimized for Targeted Resequencing and Exome Sequencing of FFPE Cells

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Topics: FFPE, NGS, target sequencing, exome sequencing


Menarini-Silicon Biosystems Unveils DEPArray™ NxT Digital Cell-Sorting System at the AACR Annual Meeting

Next Evolution of Flagship Instrument Now Offers Benchtop Automation for Single-Cell
Isolation of Rare Cells from Heterogeneous Samples for Downstream Genetic Analysis

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Topics: DEPArray NxT


Macrogen and Silicon Biosystems Menarini to Co-Develop CLIA-Certified Genomic Cancer Assays

Collaboration Aims to Integrate Digital Sorting with Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) of Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded Biopsies and Fine-Needle Aspiration Samples

SAN DIEGO, Calif., and SEOUL, South Korea, February 12, 2016 — Silicon Biosys­tems Menarini and Macrogen, Inc. today announced they will form a partnership to provide clinical assays and innovative procedures for precision medicine in cancer.

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Innovative Cell-Isolation System Points to New Model of Clinical Biopsy for Precise Characterization, Diagnosis and Treatment of Tumors

Scientific Study Shows DEPArray™ Digital Technology Enables Unambiguous Genetic Analysis of Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded (FFPE) Admixtures of Tumor Cells

SAN DIEGO, 11th February, 2016  — Scientists from Silicon Biosystems Menarini today reported a groundbreaking cell-isolation method that opens the door to genetic analysis of previously preserved tumor sam­ples that until now have been impossible to isolate with 100 percent purity.

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Silicon Biosystems Menarini, Swift Biosciences Announce Collaboration and Co-Marketing Partnership to Unlock Genomic Information from FFPE Samples

ORLANDO, Fla., 10th February, 2016  — Silicon Biosystems Menarini Inc., a developer and manufac­turer of technologies and products that help uncover the biological complexities of disease at the single-cell level, and Swift Biosciences Inc., a developer of innovative technologies for genomics research, today announced a scientific collaboration and co-marketing partnership aimed at enabling translational researchers to obtain high-quality sequencing results from as few as a couple hundred tumor and normal cells in an optimized and seamless workflow.

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