Visit us at:
    27th Congress of the
    International Society for Forensic Genetics

    Coex Facility: Seoul, Republic of Korea
    August 28 - September 2, 2017

    Discover the DEPArray™ NxT, our breaktrough technology that can select, sort and collect both individual and groups of cells from a variety of samples. DEPArray™ technology resolves heterogeneity in biological mixtures of forensic cases and biological evidences. By utilizing a proprietary electronic chip-based microfluidic cartridge and microscope image analysis, the DEPArray™ system works with low input and separates forensic samples composed of epithelial cells, white blood cells, and sperm cells into 100% pure cell type specific preparations, enabling clear-cut genetic profiles.

    Seoul, Republic of Korea

    Friday, September 1st, 1pm-1:40pm
    COEX Facility - COEX 3F, Auditorium 

    "Enabling forensic genetic analysis of biological mixtures through the identification and recovery of pure cells 
    with the DEPArray™ System

    Prof Jack Ballantyne, PhD
    Professor, Department of Chemistry, Associate Director (Research); National Center for Forensic Science

    Francesca Fontana - Biology R&D Manager, Menarini Silicon Biosystems

    40 min luncheon (20 min #1 speaker / 15 min #2 speaker / 5 min Q&A)

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