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  • Menarini Silicon Biosystems 2017 - R. Tanzi
  • Discover what’s NxT! - G. Medoro
  • Workflows and New Products Pipeline - N. Manaresi
  • Enabling Cancer Patient Molecular Characterization Across Sample Types - F. Fontana
  • DEPArray-Based Applications For Clinical Oncology - F. Bischoff
  • Ampli1™ LowPass - N. Manaresi
  • Multi-level profiling of tumor complexity in FFPE samples at population and single-cell resolution - C. Forcato, A. Ferrarini
  • Resolving Forensic Mixtures: the DEPArray™ Technology - F. Fontana
  • New Customer Portal - E. Peruzzi, N. Ryan
  • Evaluation of HER2 Expression and Amplification on CTCs of 85 Metastatic Breast Cancer Patients Using CellSearch, DEPArray Sorting, and FISH Analysis - Anja Brouwer 
  • Molecular Profile of Single CTC: An Opportunity for Patients with Cholangiocarcinoma? - Carolina Reduzzi
  • Dissecting the Heterogeneity of Circulating Tumor Cells in the Metastastic Breast Cancer -Daniela Cesselli
  • HER2 analysis and treatment in breast cancer: Do we have to change our strategy? - Prof Sabine Kasimir-Bauer
  • DEPArray CTC Isolation from Samples Prepared with Different Enrichment Technologies - Prof Nikolas H. Stoecklein, MD
  • Dissecting Genetic and Epigenetic Heterogeneity in Malignant Brain Tumors - Prof Matija Snuderl, MD
  • Setup of a DEPArray-Based Protocol for Sorting Single Neural Cells Potentially Carrying PI3K/AKT/mTOR Genes Mutations -Valerio Conti, PhD
  • DEPArray and Forensic Science: Incorporation into the US Workflow - Victoria Williamson and Mike Marciano

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